Stefan Heidtmann & Friends Reactions to the «fields» 2015

Olaf Maikopf in the „Jazzthetik“ 4/3/2015:

„…as leader he therefore expresses himself very melodically and so lyrically, tenderly opening up his jazz for atmospheric pop moments. To convincingly realize this concept, Heidtmann assured the collaboration of singer Sandra Klinkhammer. (…) She enthralls with her big voice …an atmospheric aural journey through nine wonderful, tightly interwoven pieces. Music to properly lose yourself in, music to dream by.“

Volker Doberstein at the Jazzpodium 03/2015:

With „Fields“, „Stefan Heidtmann & Friends“ have set up a new marginal project that can be described as multifariously and artfully deconstructed lounge jazz. The band is excellent, the sound is complete because he embraces the gaps, Sandra Klinkhammer‘s voice is powerful, however does not distance itself too far from the expressiveness of the instrumentalists, easy listening quotes are appreciatively deconstructed, sometimes merely through refusing to trivialize the individual tone. Clever, flowing and conceptional, without being too cerebral. This is worth listening to.“

Jochen König on «musikreviews.de» 4/11/2015: (13 out of 15 points)

„Waiting, letting oneself fall, giving space to silence, eliciting sunshine from the endless autumn, but also forsakenness and isolation are subjects of the lyrics from „Fields“, the project by the Bergneustadt pianist Stefan Heidtmann and his friends. The music creates the appropriate soundscapes, becomes one with the lyrics, but also separates itself at appropriate points to give
space to individual participants.

Sandra Klinkhammer, acually a trained clarinetist, is an unpretentious singer. Her light, clear voice, only a hint of breath, which is necessary to allow secrets and depth to appear possible, is a splendid carrier for the richly suggestive, short sentence constructions. The accompanying music understands the power of omissions and pauses but does not miss the chance to strongly emphasize other moments. This gives every instrumentalist space, either as soloist or frontman, to shine as a partner on equal terms. But the song-focused context is barely departed from, the solos are succinct, intense, atmospheric and possess that substance which extends well beyond the lulling easy- listening sound, which is also particularly valid for collaborative work. The pieces remain pleasantly edgy, with at times sinister undertones, particularly when Stefan Heidtmanbassist uses more supporting keyboard instruments at once. Together with André Nendza, they achieve enthralling sets („Homage“). It casually evokes PAT METHENY in highly concentrated moments, but also the soundtrack work of MILES DAVIS and MARK ISHAM interspersed with the expressive trumpeter Oscar Kliewe.

„…finally I hear my own quiet/the moment between shadow and darkness/what I reach for has no name“ – „Blue Days“. More jazz than pop, with plenty of soul, STEFAN HEIDTMANN & FRIENDS are the ideal accompaniments through all the midnight hour blues.

CONCLUSION: „Fields“ is an album with an exquisite sound that tiptoes like stylish lounge jazz, yet with discreet borrowings from pop. This lounge, however, has a back door, through which you get glimpses of a dark maelstrom, before you step in and are swallowed up.“